• NMNは1日250mg以下は意味がない。
  • 朝にNMNを飲むと体の免疫力が高められウィルスに負けない体になる。
  • NMNは夜に飲むと睡眠パターンを妨げる



デビッド・A・シンクレア : ハーバード大学医学大学院教授


NMNについてはハーバード大学では多くのことが研究されてきて、人間についても多くの洞察があります。その中でお話しできる内容として、まず一日のNMN接種量250 ミリグラム未満では血中のNADに大きな影響はないと言う事です。最低でもNMN1ボトル7500mg以上の商品でないと意味がないという事ですね。
















it comes to NMN which we’ve studied for a lot
um and there are studies on NMN humans
and i have some insights into NMN humans as well though that work isn’t yet published

i what can i reveal
i can reveal that the taking doses

say less than 250 milligrams don’t have a big effect on nad in the blood

that would make sense

you do have to take high doses but it’s complicated by the bservation that a single dose won’t have a big long lasting effect anyway

we see that in mice as well
you take one hit of uh NMN and it’ll go up

maybe go about 50 and it’ll quickly die away in levels

but what’s interesting in the mouse and the human studies is it’s more like a positive stock market where over a period of in the case of the in our study that i’m thinking of after nine days

it was an accumulation up to a certain level
and so if a study has only done a one time point in a human or in a mouse
be careful because that’s probably misleading

and that you know you want to measure these things after at least nine days
and hopefully after a few months where and you know maybe show that those low
doses actually start to kick in

so what do i do i take a bolus in the morning i take a gram in the morning
i know a gram is likely to be raising my antivirals during day

i also try to time it with my natural circadian rhythm
so nad will go up during the morning getting ready

but if i take it at night
uh what i find is that
i’m actually starting to interfere with my sleep patterns


yeah and a lot of people have told me that that’s the case as well with resveratrol as well it actually makes sense
there’s a few science papers on this about um SIRT-1 which is the target one of the nad requiring enzymes that we study
so SIRT-1 is also its activity cycling through the day with nad
uh turning on genes are required for morning activities and going to sleep at night clearing the brain at night we think

if you get those out of kilter uh i mean it makes sense that you will not only affect your body’s
metabolism find it hard to sleep but you could even start to have the effects of jet lag inadvertently

i’d like to think that by taking the nad boosters when i’m traveling i’m actually resetting my body’s clock and i do find

you know

for me uh in my experience i do feel better
if i reset my clock with an nad booster
when i arrive at a in a new time zone

in mice we do know that it’s cycling through the day
you know let’s see we’re right on the cutting edge here

you know you have a choice you can take
it at at night or in the morning and i think that uh probably

what’s happening is if i take it just before i go to bed my body’s not in a fasting state yet it’s still got you know my dinner is still in there
uh and so it’s uh

it’s mimicking fasting
it’s raising energy levels just when it should be starting to to tailor off i think probably what’s happening joe’s now that i’m thinking out loud is towards the early morning your nad levels are going to start coming up because that’s when your stomach’s empty

and you absorb a lot of nutrients overnight and as it’s coming up towards you know waking up and in the early morning that’s when i provide my boost