• 最近抜け毛がひどい、明らかに抜け毛が増えた人
  • 両親の髪の毛が少ない、薄毛の遺伝が心配な人


  • NMNは毛髪の毛乳頭細胞を修復する。
  • NMNは毛根の細胞にエネルギーを与え細胞が活性化し髪が生える環境を作る。















  1. 加齢
  2. 生活習慣の乱れ
  3. 喫煙・過度のストレス
  4. ヘアスタイルやカラーリングの薬剤整髪料
  5. 紫外線
  6. シャンプーの仕方が間違っている
  7. ホルモンバランス・AGA(男性型脱毛症)
















  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=875lTSGJVi4
hi i’m dr ervin poswall from dr east clinic daily india
i’m talking to you about the role of NMN in controlling the environment of your hair roots and in preventing premature hair fall

so if you are noticing hair thinning or if you are a lady with excess hair fall and gradually reducing hair length or if you’re a young person with premature hair loss do not hesitate to contact me to send your pictures to so that i can guide you how to use incorporate NMN in your daily life routine to get healthy good hair growth also

so NMN is a nad precursor for those of you who are not from size background nad is how energy is stored made and used in our body in the cells and we are talking at the cellular level

at the level where your hair and cells and the dna works so these this element it goes to that level and it gets converted into nad

so what does this NAD do it is a fuel for our cells see when you are young you eat all sort of bad things you do all sort of insults to your hair also you apply gel and ever everything in under the sky

but your hair does not get immediately damaged nor do you lose them

but as you age then it starts happening so something must be a miss there but the thing which is amiss there is that as soon as we are around 16 or 18 years of age our body stops forming numerous thing including nad

the energy form in the on which our currency you can say on which our body functions

so what does NAD do inside our body there are Sirtuin these Sirtuin repair now in your particular case they repair the hair thermal papilla cells

they protect and provide energy to the stem cells to multiply also these two functions are done by nad and mad you can increase your energy levels by taking NMN

so we have provided the best quality NMN for our patients on our new website that is livenaturalproducts.com

you can order it from there how to use it well you take it by mouth orally first thing in the morning when you are empty stomach you take one gram of NMN if you are above 50 years and about 500 milligram of NMN if you are below 40 years

and you just put it in mouth and on an empty stomach have a few sips of water to wash it down it is gets absorbed very fast within five to ten minutes you’ll see a lot of energy coming into your body if you are in the active lifestyle style of course you’ll not notice much

but this is how you take the oral NMN don’t take it afterwards most of it will not be absorbed it will be wasted

the second way which is also very crucial for you for your hair is to make it reach to your hair follicles by a combination of micro needling and element topical application in this area

if you want you can do a small research for yourself if it is due to lack of energy that you are energy that you are having this excess hair fall and uh you’ll find it happens in a lot of cases like we had the povet infections in which the body used to become very weak and lethargic

what was
happening energy levels were going down and when NMN was given to patients they again got energy now see it at a cellular level at the level of your hair follicles at the level of the root cells of your hair follicle they are the ones which need most energy

our hair are our fastest growing organ and if you take away the energy from them then they will not be able to grow fast and if they are not able to grow fast what you will see is gradually thinning or miniaturizing here that is what you see in male pattern or female pattern baldness nowadays you see tempering at a younger age that is because we are not eating foods which are rich in lemon

all these processed foods and harmful foods or soft drinks all these things are not good for you they are not going to provide you with healthy energy which cashew nuts or avocado or broccoli will provide you i know they taste better but these are the things which are going to keep

you healthy keep your hair healthy make you look like a hero or a heroine so read about them about the foods which are rich in elements and use them also and use these two products only as well as applying it topically